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Arnaud VELTEN : 🤖 (@bizcom)
Digital Seraphin E-μῆτις Sensei
(☠85 忍97 TEDxGVA17 Top200Fr Startups)

HQx DysL/O #LiveDocumentarist #MetambasadR
øpen*(Mind Source Data Intel)
#Annecy #Geneve #Lyon #Paris.

Arnaud Velten | Profil professionnel – LinkedIn
Speak Less Do more : Digital Seraphin 🇫🇷🇨🇭🇰🇷E-μῆτις Sensei (☠85 忍97 TEDxGVA17 )
Digital Strategy & Tactics: Explorer-Finder…

Holistic watchdog, Influencer, Trainer, Speaker (observe, understand, share, connector / re connector )
Creator of cartographic approaches (Isomap (CV3D) Emerge Map (creating meaning together)…. 

I develop ad hoc solutions, adapted to the context of the means. (focus: results) 
Coming from the underground computer world, I value the real underground culture, to make it possible to distinguish between the Hacker culture and digital delinquency. (cyber-criminal)

President/ Founder of Digital Athanor since 1997: I believe in the power of ethics, therefore contributes to various working groups & research on the subject.

Popularisation of avant-garde practices 
(Social Media / Intelligence / Cyber Security)
Event: (Large / Small / Huge )
Workshop facilitation via consensus solution:
Emerge Map method (OpenSource, i the creator contact if you need)

– Competitive Intelligence (…)
– Hacking / CyberSec / CyberDef
– Information Mapping
– Innovative Digital Strategy
– Digital Efficiency
– Gamification
– Digital mentoring oriented self-autonomy.