Arnaud VELTEN Resume English (WIP)

Arnaud Velten

DIGITAL SERAPHIN :  Hacker #Community Ambassador
Benevolence Ambassador, Influencer, Professor , Speaker : «  God of Networking » 🙂

Speak Less Do more : Digital Seraphin

(Pirate 85 , Ninja 97 , TEDx GVA17 , Top200 FR-Startup , YWH mode 18)

Digital Strategy & Tactics:

Explorer-Finder : Holistic watchdog, Influencer, Trainer, Speaker

(observe, understand, share, connector / re connector )

Creator of cartographic approaches :

– Isomap : 3D Resume

– Emerge Map Co Creative process to improve group quality choice ….

I develop ad hoc solutions, adapted to the context of the means. (focus: results)

Coming from the underground computer world, I value the real underground culture, to make it possible to distinguish between the Hacker culture and cyber-criminal.

President/ Founder of Digital Athanor since 1997:

I believe in the power of ethics, therefore contributes to various working groups & research on

several topics (Swiss / France / Digital , Ethic , Security , CyberSecurity , Defense , Human rights )

Note: Contact requests without a previous message are ignored

Specialties: Avant-garde practices :(Social Media / Intelligence / Cyber Security) Event: (Large / Small / Huge ) Elite Connector

Workshop facilitator

– Competitive Intelligence (…)
– Hacking / CyberSec / CyberDef
– Information Mapping
– Innovative Digital Strategy
– Digital Efficiency
– Gamification
– Digital mentoring oriented self-autonomy.


NESMA Sep 2018 to Present Professor of IT & Strategic Information Management

NESMA : Private higher education institution 15 passionate students with a passion for entrepreneurship, sport or culture. A learning by project participative functioning to unleash your creativity. Cours only in the morning to give time to another activity!

SAVOIE MONT BLANC TOURISME Dec 2018 to Present  Internationnal Savoie Mont-Blanc Ambassador :

Ambassador Savoie Mont-Blanc: My wife and I are benevolent influencers ( Based in #Annecy Alpes (FR) but close to Switzerland and Chamonix Mont-blanc so to Italy that we love:) ).

For ethical concerns we do not accept money, directly so as to have a real experience, we are interested in current events, travel, and especially meet beautiful people in nice places….

We travel several times a year around the world @Miraerang Young Ambassador France-Korea @MiraeRang (1000 unique visitors daily Blog is a graduate in Aesthetics and Tourism (speaks Korean, English, French, Spanish)
@Bizcom (Ambassador with a focus: VIP / Business Intelligence / CyberSecurity / Blockchain)

We work above all on a 360 Communication via an audiovisual Marketing applied to the social network…

International couple of geeks (Franco-Korean;) we share our adventures on a small budget We are always interested in opportunities

Then contact us:) we look forward to meeting you You can also Tipeee for a coffee, a beer, a meal, a spa, a stay, or even a trip (if you are rich, and that doesn’t deprive you) with of course a return in exchange:)

impactIA Foundation Oct 2018 to Present Contributeur aux WorkShops & Recherches de Partenaires Stratégiques

Digital Athanor Nov 1997 to Present CEO

Promoting : News Cultures via New Médias NGO 2017-10 : SMS 2017-10 : TEDxGeneva talk 2017-09 : Numerik Games (Yverdon) 2017-06 : OPEN GENEVA HACKATHON (Festival de Hackathon dans Geneve)

2017-03 : EMERGE MAP SESSION + ATOMIC BOT @IDEASquare @ CERN (Geneve) 2017-03 : RETRO BOT For LIFT 2017 2017-02: ATOMIC BOT & EmergeMap Session (Cern)

ICON-ONG (MCI Group @GSCP) : Digital Commando

Ethical influence on social networks & technology environments for peace and security in cyberspace

Yes We Hack

Ambassador (2 Savoie / Suisse Romande)


ThinkServices : Designer, PhotoMaster, Documentarian

Contributor Ideator Graphist Documentarian

Sustainable undertsanding of services’ dynamics

Transparency is becoming a key feature of how public administrations and democracies are trying to reinvent themselves. Challenges faced in theses areas include decentralization, accountability, trust, security, etc.

Digital Agenda for Switzerland national debate on the issue launched as part of a partnership between Lift Conference, The Network and ThinkServices. Launched at Lift15, New Works in 2016


Digital Commando : (Influenceur, Faciliateur, Speaker)

– Form has Strategies of Techniques of influence on social networks (Thesame, Osv) – Carries out influence missions (Friendly & Ethics) for major events (Lift Conference, IES Summit, Insomniahack, Suisse des Talents (Rezonance), SeedStar World, TedX Geneve)

Business Commando Since November 2007

Business Commando : (Influenceur, Facilitateur, Conférencier, Documentaliste )

Business Commando promeut les pratiques d’intelligence stratégique dans les Savoies et la Suisse Parler – , Agir +

ConnectAID Oct 2018 to Dec 2018 Ambassador Swiss Strategic Partnership Seeker

Odienz Apr 2017 to Dec 2018 Digital Socializer (Mission & Consulting)

– Animation for the pAIrspective study
– Social Media Coverage
– Monitoring & Curation for Medicalytics
– Curation for the @odienz account (focus IA / Sell)
– Social media coverage event ( Com / RH / IA / …) – Sourcing (Confidential)

University of Geneva Sep 2018 to Sep 2018 Guest speaker

Tuesday, September 25, 2018: 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm Room S150 at Uni-Mail

Crossed views « new technologies and mental health » In partnership with :

– the Ethics Commission of the AGPsy, – the Psychology Section of the FPSE of the University of Geneva – the Swiss Association of Bio & Neurofeedback

Program of the event « Nouvelles Technos & Santé PSY »

Introduction, by Professor Edouard Gentaz,

President of the psychology section of the FPSE of the University of Geneva Trois regards :

Dr Samia Hurst, Bioethicist, Head of the Clinical Ethics Unit at the CHUV, and Director of the Ethics Institute, History of Humanities Dr Marie- Christine Ottet (see neurofeedback dossier on RTS), President of the ASBN Arnaud Velten, Founder of Digital Athanor, former computer pirate

ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs) Aug 2018 to Aug 2018 Digital Commando (mission)

Genève Lab (Etat de Geneve) & ENoLL Social Media / Live Documentarism for OpenLivingLabDays #ODDL18. Formerly the ENoLL Summer School, Open Living Lab Days (OLLD) is the annual gathering of the global Living Lab community

Bibliothèque municipale de la ville de Genève – La Cité Apr 2018 to Apr 2018 Speaker / Discussant : CyberSecurity & Everyday Life: Security Illusion

From the hacking of the wireless telegraph in 1903 to the manipulation of public opinion by Cambridge Analytica on Facebook, including the various malicious acts installed on our computers, a century of uncontrollable use of our data… Nic Ulmi leads a lunchtime talk in the form of a fresco with Arnaud Velten, an immersed observer of the hacker-pirate and cybersecurity scene, this Friday, April 20 at 12:30 pm on the 4th floor of the Bibliothèque de la Cité in Geneva (where you can now chew your sandwich with complete impunity…)

Opengeneva Mar 2018 to Apr 2018 Facilitateur – Atelier FacLab CUI Batelle

co-create a FacLab, inspired by the international FabLabs movement (manufacturing labs), at the University of Geneva. In the case of FacLab, manufacturing must be understood in the broadest sense, including the manufacture of laws, public policies, economic models, social innovation, services, etc. With the help of the Museomix association, we invite all stakeholders to join us to « design » together a FacLab over two days in a festive atmosphere at the heart of the Open Geneva Open Innovation Festival. Structured in four half days through workshops, the objective is to co-create this FacLab in its form and means. A set of four proposals inspired by the Digital Strategy workshops – public consultations held in November and December 2017 – are expected to be developed in a rapid prototyping approach in order to assess their potential for institutional projects. We expect participants from all parts of the university, external structures, politicians, Makers, citizens, neighbour, etc.

CLUSIS – Association suisse de la sécurité de l’information

Live Documentarian / Sourcing & Networking

– Contribution à la démarche et certaines réunions de la Swiss Made Security

– Live Documentalist : Journée Stratégique durant les années 2016/17,

– Contribution to the process and some meetings of the Swiss Made Security

– Live Documentalist: Strategic Day during the years 2016/17,

and SMS in 2017 at the FER

SMS / Swiss Made Security: Le Clusis and its partners, supported by Raoul Diez, Director of Control and Security at the FER Genève, have taken the initiative to approach the public authorities to discuss awareness and take control of cyber-security, at the level of the canton, the region, the Confederation and even the world.

The idea is therefore to position Switzerland as a digital safe, thanks to the country’s secure digital image and resilience. Here, two schools of thought on resilience coexist: the return to normal very quickly and the anticipation & minimization of risks.

With its security strategy – Vision 2030, the Canton of Geneva is one step ahead. The framework conditions for Geneva’s security and foresight are aimed at the entire population. There is a cantonal permanent watchdog control staff (EMCC).

Cyber Security Alliance Community Manager & Organization committee

Contributor at the CyberSec Conference (for 2015)

ThinkSwiss – Anticipate the Future – Cyber Security Alliance: – Neutrality, Ethics and People’s safety are at stake.

Cybersecurity Switzerland Ambassador / Community Manager (Part Time)

1ST WESTERN EUROPEAN CONGRESS : Swiss intimacy to forecast the next year at the end of autumn THE REAL DEAL: Ideal networking between Decision-makers & Security specialists THE BEST SPECIALISTS FOR YOU

Re-thinking cyber-security and beyond: a congress marking a break with standard events. The central actor: a 360° dialogue to understand the vulnerabilities of our ecosystem. Bringing security as an asset for businesses; bringing businesses to understand security.

Opengeneva Digital Strategist (Before) Live Documentarian (During)

Cleandrop – iGroop SARL Strategic Advisor Artist: (Painter / Photos / Installation / Happening / Model)
I work & collaborate on other projects according to my availability.

TEDxGeneva Nov 2017

Conferencier / Speaker : Rebooter votre vision de la culture Pirate !

In a society where hackers and offenders are often confused, the Hacker culture and the pirate subculture are perceived as threats to society.

Failing to mention their uniqueness and their real contributions to progress, and how the utopias of the founding fathers of digital (Hacker, Phreakers, Pirates) have shaped our daily realities.

What initially motivated this community that has been revolutionizing our society for 50 years?

Peerlyst French & Swiss Ambassador

Social network exclusively for security professionals.

Where you go to share your Infosec knowledge with your peers. Promoting the network during event Influenceur , Speaker , professor :

Trainer Methodology: Emerge-MAP Visual Facilitator Visual Facilitation Approach

Digital Athanor

NumerikGames : du Stand de Retrochallenge (Retrogaming)

– Animation & Manageur du Stand de Retrochallenge (Retrogaming) , Place Pestalozzi: animations gratuites et ouvertes à tous.

Seedstars Digital Seraphin / Live Documentarian during SeedStarSummit

Bombe du Digital » Interview Open Source Protocole Inventor
– Social Media Influence
– Real Time Documentarian
– Photographer & Networker
– Video Maker

Sommet IE2S  Ambassador / Community Manager (Part Time)

IES Chamonix Summit, a privileged convergence point for institutions and industrialists in the defense and security sector.

– Live document expert exchanges while respecting the confidentiality of content.
– Contribute to expert workshops, and prospective questioning.
– Be attentive to the well-being of VIPs in general, and specifically with a strong emphasis on local products:) as well as highlighting certain innovative products and solutions.
– Miscellaneous logistical assistance

OUVRY (Defense Company) Jun 2015 to Jun 2016 Community Manager

As part of a diversification:

Digital promotion of an innovative consumer product in E-commerce

– Referencing strategy, site animation, corrective measures. – Monitoring, Listening, Analysis and action around product themes. – Curation & Animation of social spaces. – Mapping & approaches of reference actors. – Development of relationships with stakeholders, prospects, influencers & bloggers

LIFT Conference Dec 2015 to Feb 2016 Atmosphere Live Documentarian (Social Media Team)

– Application de la stratégie de documentariste autour de l’esprit de Lift Conference – Micro automatisation des reseaux sociaux – Contribution forte au networking : Online & Irl – Campagne de promotion social média pre & post événement. Résultat : Liftconference Trending Topic Suisse 3 jours consécutifs

Digital Athanor Sep 1984 to Jan 2016
– AD / Graphic designer, Graphic designer, Maquestiste, Communication Consulting

First practice in pixel art on mac 128. (Mac Paint: D)
Graphic designer / Ripper for the DemoScene on ATARI ST. (Degas Elite, Neochrome / Calamus…) Continuous on PC (386 to Pentium) (from Photoshop 2.0 to Nowadays)

Graphic designer: Graphic design, conception & creation of identities


We offer accessible advice to small structures in terms of 360° communication. The only watchword: Result & Efficiency

Security Brokers Sep 2015 to Nov 2015 WINEHAT 15 Community Manager / Graphist / Speaker

Social media management for winehat 2015 Can ‘t add this link check It 😀 aspects-of-a-security-event

Cyber Security Alliance Mar 2014 to Mar 2015 Photographe : INSOMNiAHACK 2014/2015/2016 by SCRT

Reportage lors de l’Insomniahack 2014 . Contribuer à une meilleure compréhension de la culture du Hack . Promotion de l’Application Security Forum. Presence sous la bannière Cyber Security Forum

TED Conferences

Guest Blogeur IE ( Facilateur / Photographe ) + SocialMedia MC 😀

French Tech

Annecy’s application for the French Tech Label

Mar 2014 to Mar 2015

– Monitoring (Strategic & Prostective)
– Organisation / BigData Conference for the ICC and G147
– Organisation / Management of the Oséades Closing Conference (CG+CCI+CM) for the Annecy Metropolitan Community. – Mapping of Local Actors.
– Research and approach of local partners (and strategic partners in French-speaking Switzerland) – Content creation and follow-up (com/ social networks/ networking)

Coworking74 CoWorker

Activist for a Coworking space & a Fablab in Annecy

Gallerie D2 Chef de Projet stratégie Digitale

Gallery D2 Digital Strategy Project Manager

Open Knowledge (formerly Foundation)

Contributor / Press / Photograph

Contribute with my skills and view with Data Viz for the Class project. Networking & Photograph : Contributor during Law Mining Hackathon @Open Knowledge Conference


Blogger & Artist

– Contributor during WorkShop – Photos – Exhibition of Art Money for the 3 years of Vinocamp


Consultant Stratégie Digitale & Animation de Communauté

Digital Strategy & Community Animation Consultant

– Strategic Intelligence

Fablab Net iki « Intern »: FABLAB

Discovery internship of the functioning of a Fablab Rural Animation of a session in method: Merge Map


Speaker : 2013 Web Content Days

Round Tables:
– Picture marketing
– Community management



Freelance Photographe for the Electron Festival

BY Connect

– Assistant & Photographer

– Assistant & Photographer and More 😀

– Visualisation magazine


May 2011 to May 2011

The Volume Volume 3 | Isometrics | based around Isometrics co-curated by Arnaud Velten, featuring:

Paul Kahn & Associates

Information Architecture for the future INRS website. INRS, Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité (National Institute for Research and Safety) Extracts from: Applications of isometric projection for visualizing web sites by Kahn, Lenk & Kaczmarek Eboy Krzysztof Lenk | co-creator of Dynamic Diagrams Chris Watson

Memory Visual Isometric

Tutorial. How to- Gibson Les Paul Exploded Isometric in Adobe Illustrator

2008 to 2010

CITIA – cité de l’image en mouvement ( city of the moving image)

10 Years of engagement during the International Annecy Animation Film Festival

– VIP Drivers – Access Control

– Computer support – Off festival animation


Communication & Web service

Communication service / Web service /


Graphic designer & Contributor for the CARTO2.0 Colloquium

– Logo – Isomap & some reflexions 🙂

Gabriel High School

– Communication

– Work & promote communication in the school

PRISM ESCAPE FREEZINE (French English Magazine) Philosophical survive to 2OOO

  • Founder
  • Name & Logo Creator

– IT Manager

CCI de la Haute-Savoie (Chamber of Commerce)

– It Teacher / Animator

– IT studies & web use for firm creator – IT studies & web use for dealers

– Intranet DEV Help desk

L’Auberge du Père Bise Before : Jean Sulpice

– Conceptor / Productor Multimedia & Web

– Work on 100 Year Cd Rom Anniversary Project Managing & Multimedia Production

Infogrames now Atari Producer assistant

– Multimedia technician

– Optimize graphics ressources expert with (debabelizer)
– Optimize audio ressources

– Link between service
– Spot Talent and bring them on our project
– Negotiating & manage freelances
– Cost Killing in production process – Contribute to Infonie (Provider)
– Contribute to the Stargate (Game Project)



HES-SO Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale 2003 to 2005

The international environment: new challenges Strategic Intelligence’s legal framework Implementation of a monitoring / research plan: practical case study Methodology of information retrieval Panorama and familiarisation with monitoring tools

Information analysis Risk Management Information systems security Cybersecurity Information risks related to new information technologies

Carrying out a strategic diagnosis: practical case study Creativity techniques and tools to help define needs The challenges of intellectual property E- reputation Social media management Lobbying Rumour and manipulation Crisis communication Organisation and implementation of business intelligence: practical case study Foresight Change management Business intelligence audit in the company Institutional and interpersonal communication An Strategic Intelligence tool: the war room/war game Testimonials

OpenClassrooms 2014 to 2014 Bachelor’s Degree

Community Manager, or how to manage a presence and e-reputation on social networks using concrete and effective methods. The notions of webmarketing and community the tools to listen on social networks, and manage and animate a digital community

MINES ParisTech 2017 MOOC

Listening to the economic world, the ITM combines academic legitimacy with practical proximity to companies. It focuses on digital, industrial, energy and ecological transformations and trains engineers, managers and doctors who will be the actors of these major changes in the 21st century. Its activities are carried out in the major mining and telecommunications schools under the supervision of the Minister in charge of Industry and Electronic Communications, a subsidiary school and three partners associated or under agreement. The ITM schools are ranked among the top grandes écoles in France.

MOOC: Innovation and entrepreneurship in a digital world – Why does digital change everything? – Creating value with digital technology – Thinking and acting differently – Entrepreneurship in a digital world

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers 2017 to 2017 MOOC

Il n’existe donc pas UNE histoire de la criminalité, mais plusieurs, aussi n’est-il pas possible d’être exhaustif. Ce cours parcourt l’histoire en se concentrant sur ce qui peut être mis en évidence par une approche historique sérieuse, au travers de quelques séquences spécifiques : première globalisation du crime dans les années 1880, mafias, Marseille et Chicago, criminalité et terrorisme, guerres criminelles, cybercrime, criminalité financière et finance criminelle …

L’objectif de ce cours est de fournir un outil susceptible d’éclairer le public sur les grandes évolutions criminelles qui ont, d’une certaine manière, été à l’origine de la construction de notre Etat et ont fait notre histoire ; d’amener à comprendre que la perception de la violence et du crime a évolué au cours du temps.

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers 1999 to 2001 Engineer’s Degree

Cadre commercial : un métier phare de l’entreprise Depuis plusieurs années, la fonction commerciale est devenue un élément moteur de développement. Elle est d’ailleurs la première fonction d’embauche en France et la demande des entreprises ne cesse de croître. Fort d’une expérience de plus de cinquante années, l’Institut des Cadres Supérieurs de la Vente forme de nombreux managers commerciaux vers des métiers riches et diversifiés : responsable des ventes, responsable d’équipe commerciale, directeur marketing, consultant, directeur d’enseigne, créateur d’entreprise…

Les objectifs

L’Institut forme ses élèves à trois fonctions vitales de l’entreprise, pour un nouveau management commercial :

ANTICIPER pour innover durablement COMMERCIALISER pour gagner des parts de marché GERER la globalité de l’organisation.

ESRA Paris Higher School of Cinema ( Paris 15)

ESCOM Higher School of Communication (Lyon 07)

CTI Image Technology Centre (Lyon 1)

Saint Michel College


1996 to 1996 1994 to 1995 1992 to 1993 1985 to 1992

Social Media, Art, Web 2.0, Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Strategic Communications, Communication Skills, Visual Communication, Mind Mapping, Open Minded, Competitive Intelligence, Events, Online Journalism, Web Project Management, Business Networking, Social Networking, Video, Visual Thinking, Online Advertising, SEO, Problem Solving, Community Manager, French, Information Architecture, Blogging, Strategy, Online Marketing, Management, Social Media Measurement, Digital Strategy, Online Reputation Management, Web Marketing, WordPress, Digital Media, Content Management, Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, DES, Content Strategy, User Interface Design, Strategic Planning, Information Design, Design Thinking, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, User Scenarios, Community Management, Multimedia, New Media, Marketing


Visualisation Magazine: Isometrics Mar 1, 2010 CreateSpace

This magazine collates some of the most creative and innovative visualisation of information that try to simplify the complex, such as: Data

Visualisations Information Graphics This issue explores Isometric perspective featuring work from: Paul Kahn & Associates Eboy Funnel Inc Good Magazine Inc & Timko & Klick Information Architects Pedro Monteiro Krzysztof Lenk | co-creator of Dynamic Diagrams Trainiac

Interview dans : Organisez vos données personnelles: L’essentiel du Personal Knowledge Management Eyrolles

Internet, e-mails, social networks: today, new technologies are becoming more and more important in our lives. A real tsunami of information attacks us every day. How can we avoid being overwhelmed by this flood of data? Effective tools and methods exist to make IT easier for us. The PKM, Persona! Knowledge Management, in French the management of personal data, helps us to control, organize and store our data, both professionally and privately. This concept is applied here in the form of the TIICC model (Time, Digital Identity, Information, Social Capital, Personal Skills) to learn how to: manage your e-mail, keep your agenda up to date, classify your digital files, develop an information watch on the Internet, control your image on social networks, enhance your skills…

Fiches pratiques associées au livre « Le nouveau management de l’information », par Christophe Deschamps Fyp

the observation is undeniable: the time spent managing the multiple access to information tools is constantly increasing at the expense of personal and collective productivity. Within a company, or as self-employed workers, we are now forced to deploy new solutions to achieve our objectives. But the lack of information on web 2.0 tools does not allow us to choose those that are relevant, easy to implement, and really adapted to our needs. This book answers the essential question: how to use the new techniques and tools of Web 2.0 to optimize time management, mobility and information overload? The author goes beyond the prevailing marketing discourse that advocates web 2.0 as the only solution. It analyses and details all current needs in detail and provides solutions that are adapted, concrete and accessible to all those who handle information and want to develop new strategies. Foreword by Marc de Fouchécour, former student of the École polytechnique, professor at Arts et Métiers ParisTech, and associate director of Nextmodernity (

Co Auteur :101 astuces pour mieux s’organiser Sep 4, 2014 Eyrolles

With 101 tips inspired by the most effective methods, tools and philosophies of the moment, de-clutter your daily routine and find quick and practical solutions to optimize your personal and professional life. Arrange, classify, sort, define your priorities, organize your ideas, make decisions, gain in productivity… Depending on your objectives and needs, this book will serve as a toolbox for you to find the method(s) that best suits you. With the help of numerous examples and exercises, train step by step in a simple and fun way to change your habits and save time. Not to do more, but to release energy and finally take care of what really matters to you!

La Boîte à outils du Mind Mapping Dunod

Publication de la méthode Emerge Map dans les 72 outils du MindMap

Quels sont les enjeux de la cybersécurité : Chambé Carnet (Teasing the DGSI i’m not linked with them)

Cyber attacks, ransomware, phishing…. What is it? What is it? Is it « reserved » for the pro or are individuals also targeted? Good question… Do offenders only steal company cars?

Unfortunately, no, what we need to understand in the digital world, it is less risky (alas) to be dishonest, than in the real world (editor’s note: #IRL) The cyber offender has several methods of attack, I believe that to better understand them it is better to seek to understand the effect (objective) expected of the cyber offender

Phishing is to steal sensitive information (login/password / bank information / CAF information… as an example) The ransomware consists in infecting your hardware and encrypting its content, and offers you decryption for a sum of money, otherwise the ransomware erases everything… In 2016 it was an attack every 40 seconds

(12-2017) Cyber attack: There are several of them, of various forms but the best known being the DDOS (Deny of service) to simplify you will overload the target server of request (information request) which will collapse its digital infrastructure


Interview (IT) : Arnaud VELTEN : « Cosa si può mettere online e cosa si deve Aug 26, 2017 tenere per sé »

CyberSecurity Trends (Italie)

Laurent Chrzanovski: Sig. Velten, al “Grappa Hat” di Aosta nel 2015 e poi in altri convegni, ha impressionato il pubblico con una conferenza intitolata “Are you what you sign? I say no”, un vero e proprio manifesto sulle precauzioni da prendere prima di accettare o di firmare qualsiasi cosa online. Tra le sue numerose specialità nel campo della cyber security, perché ha scelto di privilegiare questo tema?

Interview : PIRATE DE SCÈNE! Avec Arnaud VELTEN Nov 21, 2017 Aircelerate (PODCAST)

In a society where hackers – let us forget the French translation of « fouineur » as misleading as it is reductive – and delinquents are confused, the hack culture can be perceived as a threat to our society. However, recent meetings have highlighted the similarities that bring together hackers from all sides: a state of mind that seems to distill values within a heterogeneous community, whose achievements and goals remain uncommon.

Founder of the Digital Athanor association, Arnaud Velten reveals himself in the underground computer world and explores digital uses – social media, cybersecurity, digital signage, etc. – to learn best practices from them on a professional or private level. As a worthy representative of Generation X, he understands during his studies that there will be no taxable limit to this youth born with the Internet. In the early 2000s, he helped to create meetings between artists, researchers and hackers in order to confront their visions. Passionate about mapping, he created Isomap in 2007, a 3D isometric CV and then a method to improve collective decision-making processes: Emerge Map.

What should we put online and what should we keep to ourselves? Jul 12, 2017 CyberSecuirty Trends

Expert in digital strategy & tactics, Arnaud Velten (@bizcom) took his first steps in underground computing as a teenager, before studying communication, audiovisual and marketing and specializing in strategic intelligence.

Throughout his experiences (Journalism, Blogging, Arts, Events) he uses the know-how acquired in the underground scene to apply them to digital communication. Thus, in 2007 he developed an isometric cv (the isomap) and, in 2009, he invented a brainstorming method called « Emerge map »…

A discreet observer, an outstanding connector, he has been contributing to many events as an influencer and facilitator since 2010. In 2014 he joined the staff of the Cybersecurity Alliance and the IE2S Summit.


Promotion de l’IE

Promotion de l’IE

LIFT14 : « Be Your Own Media » MasterClass Workshop twitter&awesm=sfy.co_tOdD&utm_campaign=& y-pingback

Oct 2003 to Present

Feb 2014 to Present

« Be Your Own Media » is a classroom project for student in master. I am working with them to prepare a media project of themselve through the understanding of each social media network, to the comprehension of Buiness Model behind each. But more important it’s project for them to be a media, and manage a content online that is valuable for them.

Promotion de la culture et des musiques Gothique : Blacksoap

Promotion de la la culture des musiques dites éléctroniques / Gothiques (c.a.d : EBM, Dark/Cold wave / Future pop / …)

Promotion de la visualisation de donnée : CV 3D ISOMETRIQUE

“Ce bout de papier vieux de 100 ans et complètement désuet a la peau dure. Heureusement Arnaud Velten a eu la bonne idée de lui faire un lifting complet. Ça donne le CV le plus original de la place. …/… Bravo Arnaud pour cette œuvre d’art en Ressources Humaines.” Pierre Polycarpe Consultant TALEO Solution RH de Chez Oracle

@RETROMEETUP Retrogaming Solidaire





ET SI VOUS PENSEZ QUE CA MARCHERA PAS … PERDU D’AVANCE … L’impossible n’est pas Français …



Community Expert – Friendly – TOP 10% Influencer

Klear : Social Intelligence Ranking

– TOP 200 Fr Startuppers (Citation dans les remerciements)

– La 25eme Heure (Livre) TOP des Ventes Amazon Décembre 2017


The 25th Hour: The Productivity Secrets of 200 Startuppers that are on the rise

(First of Amazon sales in December 2017)

More than 200 startup founders, serial entrepreneurs and investment fund managers are unveiling their best productivity secrets for the first time. Among them: – Co-founders of startups: notably those of Blablacar, Chauffeur Privé, Le Slip Français, The Family, Le Petit Ballon, Lydia,, MyLittleParis, Bankin’, Bobbies… – Country managers or directors of startup subsidiaries: including Uber, Airbnb, Deliveroo, HotelTonight, Hired, Jumia… – Serial entrepreneurs: the founders of The Forks, Fotolia, Multiposting, Smartbox… – Investment fund managers: ISAI, Partech Ventures, Kima Ventures… – Young entrepreneurs who have created their company in recent months or years, are recruiting their first employees or raising their first funds

This book brings together all their tips and techniques that everyone can implement immediately: – The rule of three tasks to succeed in prioritizing – Techniques to halve the time spent processing emails – Why and how to say no to 9 out of 10 solicitations –

How to chase away parasitic thoughts to stay focused – The technique of 2 pizzas to hold 30-minute meetings – All the tools to automate repetitive actions – Set up your computer to speed up your navigation and search – And dozens of other techniques to free up the 25th hour


English (Professional working proficiency), Italian (Elementary proficiency), French (Native or bilingual proficiency)


2017 @Bizcom


Arnaud VELTEN : 🤖 (@bizcom)
Digital Seraphin E-μῆτις Sensei
(☠85 忍97 TEDxGVA17 Top200Fr Startups)

HQx DysL/O #LiveDocumentarist #MetambasadR
øpen*(Mind Source Data Intel)
#Annecy #Geneve #Lyon #Paris.

Arnaud Velten | Profil professionnel – LinkedIn
Speak Less Do more : Digital Seraphin 🇫🇷🇨🇭🇰🇷E-μῆτις Sensei (☠85 忍97 TEDxGVA17 )
Digital Strategy & Tactics: Explorer-Finder…

Holistic watchdog, Influencer, Trainer, Speaker (observe, understand, share, connector / re connector )
Creator of cartographic approaches (Isomap (CV3D) Emerge Map (creating meaning together)…. 

I develop ad hoc solutions, adapted to the context of the means. (focus: results) 
Coming from the underground computer world, I value the real underground culture, to make it possible to distinguish between the Hacker culture and digital delinquency. (cyber-criminal)

President/ Founder of Digital Athanor since 1997: I believe in the power of ethics, therefore contributes to various working groups & research on the subject.

Popularisation of avant-garde practices 
(Social Media / Intelligence / Cyber Security)
Event: (Large / Small / Huge )
Workshop facilitation via consensus solution:
Emerge Map method (OpenSource, i the creator contact if you need)

– Competitive Intelligence (…)
– Hacking / CyberSec / CyberDef
– Information Mapping
– Innovative Digital Strategy
– Digital Efficiency
– Gamification
– Digital mentoring oriented self-autonomy.

Bio for NYC 2013 ART Money Exhibition

Profil sur ArtMoney

Bio for NYC 2013 ART Money Exhibition:
Sponsor of the ArtMoney in France from the beginning. 

« Hacktivist » and defender of Humanist values and the Pirate culture
In producing a currency with my nervous and changing hand, i claim that money is a good tool and a bad master… »
Micro Bio:
By Davide CEO AV is crazy, enraged, visionary and a pain in the ass. He couldn’t care less about the system and questions it. If the world does not understand AV, it’s only because it will take him time.
By Virginie
Absolutely out of standard consumption, out of control, exactly part of what the world needs
Row, some times very row, but the ones who can ear will listen once
No way another way of being
Absolutely himself
Uncredibly authentic
Definitely some art that needs to be shown
By Sebastien CEO
AV is one of those who doesn’t care about what people say ».
Free electron with complex and chiseled personality, he’s a rebel serving humanity and future.
Away of doctrinaire approach, he’s himself an art.

Atelier (Merge Map) animé par Arnaud au Fablab Net-iki de Biarne

Résidant à Annecy, il est venu passer quelques jours au FabLab de Biarne, seul FabLab rural, en tant que stagiaire. Il est venu pour échanger des idées, des concepts et s’intéresser à la constitution d’un FabLab, projet qu’il ambitionne pour la ville d’Annecy. Il est admiratif de cette autonomie possible en milieu rural et envisage un espace de mutualisation professionnelle à dimension humaine.
Là, pourra naître un groupe de consultants, un espace de « coworking » (traduire par « collaboratoire ») qui est un type d’organisation du travail regroupant 2 notions : espace de travail partagé et réseau de travailleurs encourageant l’échange et l’ouverture.

Atelier brainstorming (Merge Map) animé par Arnaud au Fablab Net-iki de Biarne

viaL’association Net-IKi reçoit un stagiaire venu de Haute-Savoie « Fablab-Net-iKi.