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Arnaud VELTEN : 🤖 (@bizcom)
Digital Seraphin E-μῆτις Sensei
(☠85 忍97 TEDxGVA17 Top200Fr Startups)

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Arnaud Velten | Profil professionnel – LinkedIn
Speak Less Do more : Digital Seraphin 🇫🇷🇨🇭🇰🇷E-μῆτις Sensei (☠85 忍97 TEDxGVA17 )
Digital Strategy & Tactics: Explorer-Finder…

Holistic watchdog, Influencer, Trainer, Speaker (observe, understand, share, connector / re connector )
Creator of cartographic approaches (Isomap (CV3D) Emerge Map (creating meaning together)…. 

I develop ad hoc solutions, adapted to the context of the means. (focus: results) 
Coming from the underground computer world, I value the real underground culture, to make it possible to distinguish between the Hacker culture and digital delinquency. (cyber-criminal)

President/ Founder of Digital Athanor since 1997: I believe in the power of ethics, therefore contributes to various working groups & research on the subject.

Popularisation of avant-garde practices 
(Social Media / Intelligence / Cyber Security)
Event: (Large / Small / Huge )
Workshop facilitation via consensus solution:
Emerge Map method (OpenSource, i the creator contact if you need)

– Competitive Intelligence (…)
– Hacking / CyberSec / CyberDef
– Information Mapping
– Innovative Digital Strategy
– Digital Efficiency
– Gamification
– Digital mentoring oriented self-autonomy.


Bio for NYC 2013 ART Money Exhibition

Profil sur ArtMoney

Bio for NYC 2013 ART Money Exhibition:
Sponsor of the ArtMoney in France from the beginning. 

« Hacktivist » and defender of Humanist values and the Pirate culture
In producing a currency with my nervous and changing hand, i claim that money is a good tool and a bad master… »
Micro Bio:
By Davide Iwash.fr CEO AV is crazy, enraged, visionary and a pain in the ass. He couldn’t care less about the system and questions it. If the world does not understand AV, it’s only because it will take him time.
By Virginie
Absolutely out of standard consumption, out of control, exactly part of what the world needs
Row, some times very row, but the ones who can ear will listen once
No way another way of being
Absolutely himself
Uncredibly authentic
Definitely some art that needs to be shown
By Sebastien Onetous.com CEO
AV is one of those who doesn’t care about what people say ».
Free electron with complex and chiseled personality, he’s a rebel serving humanity and future.
Away of doctrinaire approach, he’s himself an art.

Atelier (Merge Map) animé par Arnaud au Fablab Net-iki de Biarne

Résidant à Annecy, il est venu passer quelques jours au FabLab de Biarne, seul FabLab rural, en tant que stagiaire. Il est venu pour échanger des idées, des concepts et s’intéresser à la constitution d’un FabLab, projet qu’il ambitionne pour la ville d’Annecy. Il est admiratif de cette autonomie possible en milieu rural et envisage un espace de mutualisation professionnelle à dimension humaine.
Là, pourra naître un groupe de consultants, un espace de « coworking » (traduire par « collaboratoire ») qui est un type d’organisation du travail regroupant 2 notions : espace de travail partagé et réseau de travailleurs encourageant l’échange et l’ouverture.

Atelier brainstorming (Merge Map) animé par Arnaud au Fablab Net-iki de Biarne

viaL’association Net-IKi reçoit un stagiaire venu de Haute-Savoie « Fablab-Net-iKi.